It’s no secret that Malta and Gozo are a haven for divers. The archipelago has often been voted as one of the top European diving destinations, as well as almost snatching top world diving destination for a few years running. 

There are ‘hidden’ caves aplenty, reefs and even wrecks just waiting to be explored, accompanied by extensive beaches and bays and a year-long mild climate, which allows many divers the possibility to maximise on diving opportunities, during any season.

Some of the best spots can be reached directly from the shore (over half), whilst others are only accessible by boat. However, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, divers are spoilt for choice when it comes to diving schools (totally over 50) and diving locations – of which there are over a hundred!

The stunning Blue Hole of Gozo, is decidedly a favourite – located just below the site of the late Azure Window in Dwejra, this dive starts in shallow waters and drops to some 60 metres. 

There is also a large underwater archway that leads out to the open sea. Gozo is also ‘home’ to a number of wrecks, namely the MV Cominoland, the MV Karwella and the MV Xlendi, which are all accessed from the same entry point.

In Malta, Um El Faroud is an oil tanker that was scuttle in 1998, this wreck is found at a drop of 36 metres, off Wied iz-Zurrieq. It is considered to be the best wreck dive; despite it being a fabricated site specifically created for dive tourism, it is fast attaining the reputation of the best wreck dive in the Mediterranean.

There are numerous sites in Malta, with wreckage from both WWI and WWII, some of which can be found at depths of over 100 metres, such as the wreck of HMS Olympus or HMS Russell.

With water temperatures ranging between 15 to 27 degrees Celsius, it’s always ideal to plan a dive! At between 20 to 40 metres, visibility is considered to be very good, as currents are weak (with the exception of some of the deeper wreck sites).

If you’re into diving, you’ll find plenty of online fora and countless reviews of the top sites to whet your appetite. What can we say? What are you waiting for? Dive in!

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